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Star Tin Star Tin Star Tin Star Tin Star Tin

Star Tin

$32.00 USD

Nuremberg-style lebkuchen is widely regarded as the finest gingerbread in the world. This gustatory heirloom has been handed down by Bavarian medieval monks and fiercely protected for centuries by lebkuchen guilds, confining its designation to the city limits of the German gingerbread capital. Until one enchanting Bavarian winter day, a crazy lebkuchen convert decided its destiny was to travel far and wide...

This earthy yet elegant spiced treat - which falls somewhere between a cookie and a cake - is now being lovingly handmade for you in NYC by Leckerlee, the only modern-day lebkuchen artisan in the New World. We went to great lengths to develop a recipe so authentic and delicious that it would make old world gingerbread masters drool. Richly-spiced, nutty, aromatic, moist and chewy – it’s the quintessential seasonal confection. If you can’t make it to a festive holiday market in Bavaria, Leckerlee will take you there. It’s perfect with coffee or tea, or to share as a gift in the eye-catching tins.  

-- Made by hand in NYC
-- 100% natural with no preservatives
-- Highest-quality ingredients including nearly 40% nut content by weight (almonds, hazelnuts, marzipan), NY state honey, candied citron and orange peel, and our proprietary cold-ground 9-spice blend. Less than 10% wheat flour.
-- Collectible tin makes a distinctive holiday gift. 
-- 5 lebkuchens per tin = 1 lb.

Choose from Classic (topped with 3 almonds and brushed with sugar glaze to enhance each spice) and Chocolate (enrobed in dark chocolate, a must of chocolate-lovers) varieties. Assorted if you want a bit of both (our most popular option!).

The Star Tin showcases Leckerlee's take on the seven-sided star motif frequently seen in German holiday displays.

Leckerlee's lebkuchen tins follow the longstanding tradition of lebkuchen bakers proudly presenting their handcrafted confections in custom-designed decorative metal canisters. These beautiful tins also served the practical purpose of preserving the fragrance and flavor of the spiced treats. They were often purchased as seasonal gifts, a practice that continues today as holiday shoppers eagerly await lebkuchen producers’ new annual tin designs to give to friends and family. Our tins are a nod to vintage lebkuchen tins, such as the ones seen here. Many vintage lebkuchen tins have become collectors’ items today, and much like their historic counterparts, Leckerlee’s limited-edition tins are intended to be keepsakes - and perhaps collectors’ items - too. These premium tins are made of heavyweight tinplate and feature precision embossing on the lids. Turn the tin over and you will discover a small signature: a heart that mirrors the bear's heart on the top of the tin. The tins measure 4 5/8" in diameter and 5 1/4" tall.
Almonds, sugar, hazelnuts, egg whites, almond paste, unbleached flour, honey, candied citron and orange peel, oblaten baking wafer, spices, baking powder (non-aluminum), sea salt. Classic and Chocolate varieties covered with powdered sugar/water and real dark chocolate, respectively.
Read more about our spices & flavors.

This product contains no artificial preservatives. Stored in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place, our lebkuchen can be enjoyed for up to 3 months.

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Lebkuchen enjoys a naturally long shelf life, and we don’t use any artificial preservatives in our products. We recommend that you eat the lebkuchen within a few weeks for optimal taste and texture, but as long as you store your lebkuchen in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place, you can continue to enjoy your lebkuchen for over 3 months. Should the lebkuchen lose some of its moisture, try this old trick: add a piece of sliced apple to the container for a day or two and then remove it.


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